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Science Network members

The Science Network

Alongside our internal team, Isometric is building an engaged, diverse community of 200+ climate scientists and industry experts. This community plays a pivotal role in reviewing durable CDR protocols and helping us accelerate the progress of CDR science.

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The members

Below is the full list of Science Network members and their affiliations.

Adam V. Subhas
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Aidan Starr
University of Cambridge
Alexander Farsan
Alexis Fischer
National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration
Alison Marklein
Allanah Paul
Alok Chaudhari
Mineral Consulting
Andreas Dittes
Humify GmbH
Andrew Dickson
UC San Diego / Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Andrew Lockley
Self employed
Anika Staccone
Earthshot Labs
Anna Lehner
Antonella Abba'
Politecnico di Milano , Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali
April Hillier
BMO Radicle
Arshdeep Sandhu
ESSEC Business School
Ashok Keerthi
The University of Manchester
Audrey Ngambia
University of Edinburgh
Bart De Baere
WSP Global Inc.
Ben Fisher
University of Edinburgh
Ben Swainbank
Oceanid MRV
Berta Moya
Bojana Bajzelj
Brent Eubanks
Eubanks Engineering Research
Brice Loose Loose
Caitlin Howe
Seratech Ltd
Carlos Paulo
SRK consulting (Canada) Inc.
Carolina Catunda
Independent consultancies for ERW and OAE startups
Catherine Spurin
Stanford University
Cees van der Land
Newcastle University
Cesare Carissimo
ETH Zurich
Ceyla Asker
Queen Mary University of London
Chandranath Basak
University of Delaware
Charlie Brummitt
Indigo Ag.
Charlie Hendry-Smith
Veolia ES UK
Charly Moras
Hamburg University
Chloe Dean
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Chris Holdsworth
University of Edinburgh
Christian Schöpke
Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
Christiana Dietzen
University of Copenhagen
Constantin Sahm
Mission Zero Technologies